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La Personal

This wine is made exclusively from Garnacha Peluda grapes coming from Edetària’s  oldest 1.200 vines, which were  planted by our grandfather, with a production of only 1.200 bot. Garnatxa Peluda is a unique grape perfectly adapted to Mediterranean hot dry   Summer, thanks to its velvety leaves, making    wines with outstanding freshness and genuineness.

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  • Finca La Pedrissa - Edetària

La Pedrissa

This wine is made exclusively from Cariñena grapes coming from 80 years old vines in a poor, rocky and calcareous soil called “tapàs blanc”, from which Romans extracted stones for their buildings, hence where its name comes from. Thanks to soil’s austerity, carinyena offers a unique grape, with a high concentration, rich in nuances and complexity.

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La Genuïna

This wine is made exclusively from Garnacha Fina coming from a selection of the best vineyards with this grape, all of them in “tapàs” soils, made from several layers of marls  formerly under the sea, displaying outstanding colour and soil’s complexity. This unique grape, an indigenous clone of Terra Alta, with small-grained and loose grapes, displays pure Mediterranean personality, thanks to ideal ripening in the region’s climate.

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  • Finca La Terrenal - Edetària

La Terrenal

This wine is made exclusively from Garnacha Blanca coming from old vines in steep  clay soil vineyards facing the sun. Garnacha blanca shows its best personality and potential in this terroir.

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“LO MAS” name  already says a lot about this wine. “LO MAS” is a colloquial Spanish expression meaning “the very best”. And “LO MAS” also is how farmstead houses are called in Terra Alta, being “LO MAs” the original building in the vineyards of Edetària. “LO MAS” is made with a selection in the vineyards and a triage again in the sorting table from the best grapes of Garnatxa Peluda and Carignan in “Tapas” and “Tapas Blanc” exclusive soils from our oldest vineyards in Finca el Mas.

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