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This wine made from Fine Garnacha 70% and Syrah 30%, from our terroir “tapàs”. In Edetaria, we make a first grape harvest in September to produce Edetària red wines. We leave just a few bunches of grapes (the smallest and loose ones) that can  stand natural  over ripeness. With those selected bunches of grapes we produce our sweet Edetaria wine. Harvest comes with first Autumm cold days when  grapes are at a potential  alcohol over 20º. Fermentation stops naturally when the wine arrives at 15º of natural alcohol. At this point, residual sugar is around 80-100gr/l. Afterwards, we age the wine for 8 months in 300 litre French oak barrels.


The wine has a dark cherry color, complex aromas, with hints of black plums, raspberry jam, cherries in liquor, spices and also some notes of cinnamon, walnuts, tobacco leaf and cocoa. The wine is powerful, well balanced, full mouthed and fresh. Outstanding balance among sugar, acidity, alcohol and tannins.

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