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Michael Schachner de Wine Enthusiast: "Els vins catalans viuen el seu millor moment"

Michael Schachner de Wine Enthusiast dedica aquest titular i elogiós article als vins catalans després de visitar el Penedès, La Terra Alta i el Priorat:

The Wines of Catalonia Have Never Been Better

Whether the Cavas of Penedès, the fresh white Grenache from Terra Alta, or the stylistic metamorphosis in Priorat, this Spanish region is full of rewards.

 " ... I then ventured into little-known Terra Alta, Catalonia’s southernmost wine appellation. Here, Garnacha Blanca (white) and Garnacha Tinta (red) are the lead grapes. In the hands of committed producers like Celler PiñolEdetàriaCeller Bàrbara Forés and Altavins, wines of distinction are becoming the norm.

Terra Alta

“Ten years ago, Terra Alta was completely unknown, even in Catalonia,” says Joan Arrufi, founder of Altavins and president of the Terra Alta D.O.

Not now. Terra Alta is producing Spain’s cleanest, freshest white Grenache. Given that roughly one-third of Spain’s Garnacha Blanca is planted in Terra Alta, it’s the region’s calling card. One reason why these wines are so fresh yet complex is the cooling impact of the Ebro River, which flows through Terra Alta on its path to the Mediterranean Sea.

Another key is the local panal soil, a windblown mix of sand and decomposed limestone. It absorbs water like a sponge and lets vines thrive without irrigation. Lastly, many producers have moved toward fermentation and aging in cement eggs, and away from new oak. The result is wines with tension and purity, as opposed to oxidized, waxy offerings".

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